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Popular Bartas

Running out of ideas? In a mad rush to send someone a greeting? Just take your pick from the award- winning user-contributed Bartas listed on this page for the right occasion and channel them as yours.

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shurjoBarta advertiser

Becoming shurjoBarta advertiser you can exchange your slogan/text that will be circulated to per sms exchanged by barta users! It means if barta users exchanged 1000 sms in a day, your slogan will be on that 1000 sms!

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shurjoBarta is a communication portal with free Web2SMS service. Among many communication features it envisages to offer, anyone can now send free SMS called a shurjoBarta - to any mobile operator in Bangladesh from anywhere in the world.

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shurjoBarta power user

Becoming shurjoBarta power user you can send unlimited number of sms to your clients, friends, family members, colleagues, everyone!


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